Hotmail Sign In - FAQ2019-01-17T03:15:49+07:00Hotmail Sign In - FAQ Hotmail account delete this account : someone opened under my name without my permission and has gained access compromised my Facebook and yahoo account. Please help. aster_ratuita@hotmail.com opened a new account with the above subject under my name and we’re able to access my Facebook and blocked my yahoo account and removed my phone number. No wonder I never had access to all my accounts. I’m in the US and account was opened in the Philippines. Please complete delete or remove this account . Forgotten pass word do I transfer my account to my new ipadHow do I transfer my hot mail account to my new ipad do I transfer my hotmail account to my new ipademails like to check emails emails from last log inmoney market market trading 212unable to access my hotmail. account at all want to access my email account without microsoft or google, are yuo able to use my mobile number to text me a new code or something that will help me recover my account ..0430198770, Cheers Linda.Forgotten Account can`t get to my account.Forgotten Account am trying to recover my account