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Hello...noob here and I need some help! I use Hotmail online and have it linked to Outlook on my desktop. I've set up some rules to filter / delete email with certain words, domains, etc. to filter and delete spam. I set these rules up in Hotmail online or...the web version. For some reason...the filters are not automatically working. When I "run rules now" in Outlook on my desktop...they work and filter / delete spam just fine. So, my key words and domains are working but...not automatically. I set the filters up in the online version because I assumed email hit that account and then...the desktop version thinking...I could filter them prior to them ever hitting my Outlook program on my desktop. Anyway...does anyone know or have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave

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The rules on this page seem to work for me as automatic processing - Outlook.com Options - Automatic Inbox Rules I don't have any devices connected to my Outlook.com though. If that's where you are making the rules and it's not working, maybe it's because there isn't an "apply rules to the server" type of option that exists when hosted by a Microsoft exchange server environment.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yea...I already knew about that function and have setup several rules. After doing a ton of research what I've found is...the "move to junk" function within Hotmail applies first to incoming email and therefore...the rules you setup won't apply to those. You can apply manually and point at the junk mail folder...but not automatically. It's a shame because...I get some junk mail with inappropriate verbiage in the subject line. My wife and I both use this account. Gmail does a much better job of preventing spam but...I've had my Hotmail account for probably...30 years. I've read some responses from Microsoft personnel and...let's just say...they're less than helpful to downright rude. Basically...they'll send junk to the junk mail folder and that's it..."deal with it"! Anyway...thanks again for your response.

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