How did Google obliterate Yahoo's search market share and market-share across other media properties so quickly?

How did Google obliterate Yahoo's search market share and market-share across other media properties so quickly?

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It's a good question but it is critical to discriminate audience talk about and revenue talk about. On income per customer and per site view, Google results pretty low. I believe an underestimated element in the partnership between Yahoo and google! is their brand positioning. In the first days of the net, most consumers were just a little frightened, intimidated or at least, didn't feel the net was for folks like them. MSN and AOL had tried to make mainstream audiences feel safe online by walling off an exclusive, closed network where everything was tightly controlled. Yahoo! built a sizable business in early stages by making the general public web feel safe, friendly and accessible to mainstream parents. Yahoo! possessed a core of good new technology, with a thick layer of traditional marketing and marketing together with it. Google possessed a thick inner core of good new technology with minimal intentional marketing together with it. Yahoo! feared Yahoo so little that Yahoo! used Yahoo to vitality its web search, even adding the Yahoo brand on its serp's. However in the '90s something important changed: it became cool to be always a geek. Popular culture considered geekdom for music, theatre, fashion and culture. Yahoo was a firmly geeky brand and Yahoo! was a mainstream family brand. So that it became cool to work with Google. Then Google chosen to start retailing text ads browsing results. Overture was carrying out this too. At Yahoo! we viewed text ads browsing results and thought it could risk our close romance with mainstream individuals, because they wouldn't recognize that we were holding ads. So Yahoo! didn't enter paid search before market and shareholders made us take action. By that time it was too past due to acquire Google and Overture was well worth a great deal the acquisition got a lot of time, money and leadership attention away from the rest of the business, and Google rocketed off while our attention was somewhere else. I think Google now faces many of the same problems Yahoo! confronted back then: - Google is now the mainstream brand that many opinion-leaders like to see fail, not the cool startup any more; - Google has failed to sufficiently diversify its income, still earns way too much from the one product, paid search, leaving it vulnerable to market actions; - Google now bleeds veterans and skill who miss the startup life and find Google to be bureaucratic and slow. - Google will a lousy job of marketing its other great products to new users. To get that mainstream audience on-board with the three or more products that create a locked-in customer, it needs to learn how to do a much better job of marketing new products to existing users.

I did the same yesterday - left it dragging all my emails across overnight.

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