Why did Hotmail lose market share to Gmail?

Why did Hotmail lose market share to Gmail?

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1. Google focused on customers, Microsoft on business Google's tried to make the best possible email solution, whilst Microsoft tried to make a better business. They'd bought Hotmail and wanted a return on their investment. GMail launched in 2004 with a vastly superior UI, a seemingly ridiculous amount of free space, and iterated rapidly. Hotmail was busy adorning itself with premium paid-for features, like Hotmail Plus, and getting nowhere. At the time the market probably seemed pretty sown up to Microsoft, but it was actually still in its infancy. The progress that implemented Gmail was so excellent it dwarfed Hotmail's incumbent benefits. 2. Google's strategic position was superior Microsoft handled MSN and WEB BROWSER; two properties on the inexorable decline. Yahoo had the main website on earth and an unassailable reputation (for a while). Due to their brand, GMail was actually cool to make use of, for quite a while. Beta access secrets were a appreciated commodity. Hotmail never really had this brand cachet; indeed having less a credible brand is most likely why Microsoft offered Hotmail's successor an alternative name.

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